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Multiple RTU Xdrivers on a single Netcontroller / BCX1/ ACX57xx / Netcontroller 2


Both comm ports can be enabled for RTU, but is this a recommended configuration?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Continuum
  • 9900
  • 9940
  • 9680
  • 9640
  • 5740
  • 5720
  • Xdriver


2 port can be enabled for RTU Xdriver on a netcontroller, but is this a recommended configuration or will this be too much of a strain on the Controller?


According to the Xdriver developers, it is NOT advisable to use 2 Modbus RTU Xdrivers on the same Controller 

The Modbus RTU Xdriver is the only 'poll on demand' type xdriver and this dual configuration has the potential of holding the CPU for longer and could cause the polling to become irregular.

It is recommended to add an additional Controller to handle the additional devices and points required.

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