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ModbusTCP/IP Xdriver Remote Device Status Point (aka Comms Status Point) Needs a Device ID and Modbus TCP/IP User Guide


A Siemens  power meter with a Modbus TCP/IP interface will not allow setting of the Device ID - only the IP parameters. Continuum Modbus TCP/IP Xdriver Remote Device Status Point (aka Comms Point] does not work if the Device ID is set to 0.  


Modbus TCP/IP Xdriver


Continuum Xdriver Modbus TCP/IP Remote Device Status Point does not work if the Device ID is set to 0.  


Set the Device ID = 1 when configuring the Modbus TCP/IP Xdriver Comms Point

For more information refer to page 12 of the Modbus TCP/IP Xdriver User Guide linked here.

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