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Log in issues with Automation Server


When attempting to log on to an Automation Server with Workstation receive error: Can not continue because server is offline or temporarily unavailable.


Automation Server 

StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation


This error message indicates that the Automation Server can not communicate with the Enterprise Server that it was associated too.  The Automation Server has been associated to an Enterprise Server where a new default (StruxureWare) domain has been added / created. The image below shows a second domain that has been created and been set as the default, this can be seen by the tick box on the second domain entry.

When attempting to use the default admin account (by leaving the Domain blank) the Automation Server attempts to contact the Enterprise Server to authenticate the user.  If the Enterprise Server is offline or you are working with a database away from the Enterprise Server then you will receive this message.


Two possible resolutions exist for this:

  1. Re-establish the communication for the Automation Server with the Enterprise Server to allow authentication for the user attempting to log in to be verified.
  2. Log on with a known "Local" domain or admin account. 


Note: The domain name is case sensitive, even the Local domain. Make sure to type the name of the domain with appropriate capitalization. In this example, when trying to login to the Local domain, typing "local" fails to login, where typing "Local" logs into the AS correctly.

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