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Limitations of the Setpoint attribute


A numeric has been created and has its Setpoint attribute = true.  Its value is being calculated and set by a Plain English program.  When the controller is reloaded the numeric assumes a different value than expected.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • All controller
  • CX
  • ACX
  • BCX
  • b3
  • i2


The setpoint attribute is designed to restore the point value that is stored in the ContinuumDB.  The database does not know when changes are made to the points value by a Plain English program since this occurs at the controller level and not at the database level.  


The setpoint attribute is not designed to restore last calculated value to a point on reload of a controller.

Note: For a possible workaround to this involving Plain English programming see How to save array information to a Database so that values are not lost when reloaded.

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