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Licensing of I/NET with SITE and SEAT License with License Key


Can the current revision of I/NET Seven Software CD key be used to install older revisions of I/NET Seven Software. 

Site has a revision of I/NET installed older than the current release version and additional Site or Seat License is required for the site. Upgrade or revision changes.

Product Line





Additional License Seats requested by site\customer.


Only current revisions of I/NET seats are available for purchase. Current revision of I/NET Seven Software CD keys are backward compatible within the same major revision release (i.e. 2.40 CD keys are compatible with any 2.XX revision.)

Every computer which has I/NET installed must have a I/NET CD regardless if the site is HVAC, Security or both. At a site which has a StandAlone with I/NET, it must have a Site License. If I make that a FileMaster and add one Equalized Client, a SEAT license must be purchased for that Equalized Client. If I add another Equalized Client(s) or perhaps Remote Client(s) additional SEAT licenses must be purchased for those. 

The license key is registered to the site, see I/NET CD Key and software revision for more information. When looked up, it reveals how many licenses (Site or Seat) have been purchased for that site.

After the initial purchase, any I/NET PC upgrade uses Part Number INETSEVEN24U
If upgrading Site computer use Part Number INETSEVEN24U
If upgrading File Master use Part Number INETSEVEN24U
If upgrading Equalized Client computer use Part Number INETSEVEN24U
If upgrading Remote Client computer use Part Number INETSEVEN24U

If there is a separate database for a site, let's say they open a new building with INET install with a different db, then an additional Site license is required which would be a new license key.

For the latest version information check Software and Firmware compatibility matrix for older versions of the traditional product lines  
Upgrade orders can be placed using the following part number:
TAC I/NET Seven Software CD TAC I/NET Seven Getting Started - TCON298 Software License Agreements TAC I/NET Seven Software Box

New software orders can be placed using the following part numbers:
SEVENMAXR - HVAC & Security site license, w/ CD
SEVENHVACR - HVAC only site license, w/ CD
SEVENSECR - Security only site license, w/ CD
SEVENADDHVAC - Add HVAC, site license only
SEVENADDSEC - Add Security, site license only
SEVENSEATR - HVAC & Security license for 1 workstation, w/ CD, site license required
SEVENSEAT3 - HVAC & Security license for 3 workstations, w/ 3 CDs, site license required
SEVENSEAT5 - HVAC & Security license for 5 workstations, w/ 5 CDs, site license required
SEVENMANUAL - Manual set, 3 volumes. No CD


The site is currently at I/NET Seven Software Revision 2.14 and requires the purchase of additional seat licenses. The newly purchased seat licenses are the current I/NET Seven Software Revision 2.47.

Two options available:
1) Use the newly purchased I/NET Seven Software revision 2.47 seat licenses to install the I/NET Seven Software revision 2.14.

Upgrade the sites original licenses from I/NET Seven Software revision 2.14 to 2.47

Older revision I/NET Seven Software can be obtained from either the original CD Media or can be downloaded from EcoBuilding Download Center.

Example 2:

A site has an existing Host File Master, and Five(5) SEAT licenses(Equalized Client or Remote Client).
To upgrade, they would purchase six(6) INETSEVEN24U part numbers which is for each of those workstations. To add an additional I/NET workstation, they would purchase a SEVENSEAT, which is the additional SEAT license.

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