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LNS database in Vista by using L-IP and NIC852 Recommendations


  • How to estimate the amount of equipment needed for a LNS Vista system?
  • What are the recommendations and limitations for LNS Vista system?

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • LNS database
  • TAC Vista
  • Loytec L-IP
  • NIC852


It is very important to plan ahead when designing an LNS database in Vista in order to have a stable, robust system. Listed here are some recommendations for LNS database in TAC Vista.


  • One LNS database can support up to 3000 devices. 
  • Each channel can have max. 100 devices (with repeater).
  • Use one L-IP per building or do not share devices among buildings under one L-IP. Otherwise, need to run the FT-10 wire between buildings.
  • If possible, create one LNS database per building. This is easier for trouble shooting and maintenance purposes. Then, use a NIC852 in order to manage multiple LNS database in one Vista Server. Follow the rules as below:
    • Without NIC852, one Vista server can only take up to 4 LNS databases. (With large LNS database, number will decrease.)
      NOTE: NIC852 is not required in this case, but recommended for large networks in order to achieve better performances
    • With one NIC852, Vista server can take up to 7 LNS database. (There are 8 ports on NIC852, but Vista server takes one.)
    • One Vista sever can take up to 4 NIC852. Therefore, one Vista sever can take up to 31 LNS databases. (Suggestion: do not extend 30 LNS databases, and better keep the number under 28.)
  • If additional Vista servers are required, a multi-server system can be used.  (It is recommended to not use more than 10 servers together for best performance.)

For Xenta Group and Xenta programmable controller specifications in a LNS database, please read Xenta Group and Xenta Programmable Device specifications for an LNS system.

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