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Kamstrup meters calibration certificate


Is there any way to get calibration certificates for the Kamstrup meters and auxiliary equipment associated to the meters?



Heat meters

cool meters

flow meters


To fulfill the requirements of some standards, calibration certificates on the equipment may be required. 


All new meters are delivered with approval and initial verification according to the standard for heat meters EN1434, and the European Measuring Instrument Directive MID. This warrants that each meter is within the Class and MPE stated by the standard.
Kamstrup can provide certified calibration results for individual meters upon request. Please order these certificates through your regular Orders channels, and please confirm the meters/sensors serial number by filling in the Order form that can be downloaded here.

Temperature sensors, calculator and flow part has each their own certificate, and can be replaced individually if broken or damaged.
Please make sure to state serial number for each part when requesting the certificate(s).

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