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Is there an object in I/A Series R2 (Niagara) that can make Enthalpy calculations?


Is there an object in I/A Series R2 (Niagara) that can make Enthalpy calculations?


I/A Series R2 (Niagara) station, build (X, to be determined)


Need enthalpy calculation.


Consider the following two program objects:

1. tridiumx / lib/ programObjects / hvac/ Psychrometric Calculations.sns

// Psychrometric Calculations
//   This object calculates enthalpy, wetBulb and dewpoint for
//   inputs of dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.
//   NOTE: This object REQUIRES the lib.jar file be present.

2. tridiumx / lib/ energyManagement / OutsideAirOptimization.sns

// Outside Air Optimization
//   This object uses the two sets of temperature and humidity inputs
//   to find the air supply with the least amount of heat.  The freeCooling
//   output will be set to false if outside >= inside
//   and set to true if outside <= inside - (abs)thresholdSpan.
//   The user can select temperature or enthalpy comparisons.
//   There is also a low temperature check to protect against freezing.
// Revision History:

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