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Is it possible to rebuild a Continuum Database from the BACnet controllers in the field?


Is it possible to rebuild a  Continuum Database from the BACnet controllers in the field?


Continuum BACnet


The SQL server has failed and there are no acceptable backups of the ContinuumDB to restore once the server has been repaired. The controllers in the field are still functioning and have valid application programming.


Although it is possible to recover the database from the field controllers, the best method of recovery is to have a recent backup of the ContinuumDB and to restore this once the Server gets fixed up.

You can load the data from your field controllers into a new Database. Note that all objects will have their name now set the same as the alias, as this is what is stored in the controller. To load the bCX and attached b3's, do the following with a blank database.

1. Create and configure a network folder.
2. Create and configure you bCX1 device object to bring it online in the Infinet view.
3. Right-click on the bCX1 object in the Infinet view and select "Send to -> Database".
4. This will save the controllers database to a temporary dump file on the Workstation then load from this dump file, creating the objects and populating the database.
5. When done, this should have also found all b3's that were defined in the bCX1 and loaded their contents as well.
6. This will load the BACnet objects as well as the Infinet objects.

Note: Recreating the Network from the field does not recreate any objects that were stored in Workstations or in folders off the root. These objects; such as listviews, programs, reports, etc...; are not stored in the controllers and will need to be recreated. 

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