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Is it possible to have a Multical 602 that communicates with a Lonworks network and also have two analog outputs (0-20mA or 0-10Vdc).


Need to have a Multical 602 that communicates with a Lonworks network and also have two analog outputs (0-20mA or 0-10Vdc).


Heat Meters


Require both analogue outputs and network communications at the same time from a single meter.


An external communications box is required in conjunction with a serial data output top module to make the solution.
This will allow you to use both the LonWorks communication and also the 4-20mA output base modules together.

How this solution goes together:
It is assumed a standard meter without any communications has been purchased.

In this example the MHCHCBFFBM000 has been selected, which is a Heat Meter, 6m³/h, DN25, Flow, None

Shopping List

Item 1 provides you the MULTICAL 602 and ULTRAFLOW 54 complete with 2 x 2-wire Pt500 (1.5m) temperature sensors with pockets, 24 VAC power supply, nipples, gaskets, couplings and mounting bracket. This meter is also supplied with a 2.5m cable between the calculator (MC602) and the flow meter (UF54). This provides you the base meter and nothing more in terms of communications to the outside world.

Item 2, the external communications box comes with its own 24 VAC power supply and wall bracket.

Items 3 to 5 will provide the rest of the functionality you require.
Connect the external communication box (item 2) to the main calculator using the serial top module (item 5) and a standard 3-wire comms type cable, the LON module (item 3) will go inside here and the 4-20mA module (item 4) will go inside the MC602 itself.

As always, please respect the laying of cables. If these will be placed close to others such as power cables, electrical disturbances can occur that might influence the reading and operation of the meter.

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