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Invalid node referenced


If a trend log is referenced by a trend chart that was created in a location that is on a different node the following error is given. This issue is found in multi server networks.


  • Workstation
  • Multi server network


If the folder that the trend chart was created in is on a different Node as the trend log that is being referenced, then this error will be given. This action is not allowed.


If you hover over the folders that hold the trend chart and trend log, a pop up window will display which node they belong to.


In order to address this issue both items, the referenced item and the item referencing, must be located on the same node.

If items have already been created on the wrong node then they can be copied and pasted to the correct folders. This can cause issues with overloading Vista Workstation and can cause it to become unresponsive. Wait for a couple of minutes and if it still has not responded then shut down and re-launch workstation. Once you have re-launch workstation, if any items are missing then they may need to be pasted again as this task was not completed before shutting down workstation. If you do not have folders referencing the correct node then follow the steps in the next section to create new folders.


How to assign which server a folder belongs to

  1. Right click on TAC Vista in the system tree and go to New > Folder.
  2. In the Add a Folder Wizard, type in the name of the folder and select the Vista Server (node) that you would like to add it to. Click Finish.
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