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Integrating to Zigbee devices not available in Building Expert


Integrating to Zigbee devices not available in Building Expert

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert


  • SmartStruxure Lite Multi Purpose Manager
    SmartStruxure Lite Building Expert


The Zigbee device is not available in Building Expert


Zigbee devices are fairly complex to integrate when compared with EnOcean devices and requires development work from the engineers in R&D. Therefore, depending on the business case in your region, it has to be discussed with offer management on whether it could be part of the roadmap or not. You are reach out to the regional product managers to discuss about the opportunity.


Dusan Janjic (
Ilda Metani (

North America
Michael Sabinash (

South America
Marcelo Varde (

To be able to build a driver for a 3rd party Zigbee device, the following information are required.

  • IEEE Address
  • Endpoint(s)
  • Cluster(s)
  • Attributes

Instead of waiting for R&D to build a driver though, you can always write your own script using the information above. However, no active support will be provided by our support teams.

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