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Installing multiple Xenta Servers on a Lonworks network.


Only one Xenta Server can be installed in Vista on a single Lonworks network.


TAC Vista


Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


When an Xenta 500/700/913 is installed in Vista as an Xenta Server, it is intended to act as the Lonworks network interface for Vista. By default, the Xenta 500/700 also handles the alarms generated in devices on the Lonworks network.  Only one Xenta Server can therefore exist on a single Lonworks network.  To enforce this, Vista does not allow you to add an Xenta Server to an existing Lonworks network.


Install the first Xenta 500/700/913 device as an Xenta Server. Install any additional Xenta 500/700/913 as Lonworks Devices on the network.

As the Xenta Server handles the alarms generated in devices on the Lonworks network, the additional Xenta 500/700s must be prevented from handling alarms. This is done by changing the Alarm Server setting in XBuilder to 'Disabled'.

The XBuilder projects for the Xenta 500/700/913 configured as Lonworks Devices cannot be accessed from Vista.  These projects must be treated as standalone.

For details on configuring multiple Xenta 500/700/913s in Classic and LNS networks see these manuals:

TAC Vista - Classic Networks - Technical Manual

TAC Vista - LNS Networks - Technical Manual

TAC Xenta Server - TAC Networks - Technical Manual

TAC Xenta Server - Gateway - Technical Manual

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