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Installing Stand Alone Vista software: Menta, XBuilder, and/or Graphic Editor


Necessary steps to successfully install a "Stand Alone" versions of the Vista suite where a full Vista installation is not required.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Menta
  • XBuilder
  • Graphic Editor
  • TGML
  • MTA
  • XBP


Sometimes a site may not require a full Vista package but will require the ability to edit associated Vista programs. This is the proper way to install only a portion of the Vista Software Suite.


  1. Create a account to the Download Center.
  2. Download the needed "stand alone" programs of the desired version, download here:
  3. Download a matching version of the "stand alone" License Server, download here.
  4. Execute the downloaded programs on the host PC
  5. Order appropriate licenses using following program part numbers to validate the software (links to iPortal)
    • Menta 000882401
    • XBuilder 000882411
    • Graphic Editor 000882221
      (For an existing site requiring an upgrade from older Vista IV or Vista 5.0)
  6. An Entitlement will be mailed which must first be Hosted to the PC. This is performed on the licensing.tac.com website by following How to Host a Vista Site License.
  7. License the Software on the License Server (Stand-alone Licensing for Vista 5 Applications)
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