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Installation instruction documentation for WorkPlace Tech Tool versions 5.8 or 5.8.1.


Cannot find any installation instructions documentation for the WorkPlace Tech Tool software, versions 5.8 or 5.8.1.

Product Line

TAC IA Series


WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 5.8 & 5.8.1


An updated version of the document "WorkPlace Tech Tool Version 5.7 Installation Instructions" has not yet been released by our publications group.


The existing "I/A Series WorkPlace Tech Tool Version 5.7 Installation Instructions", F-27367 can be used for installing the release 5.8 or release 5.8.1 of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software.

There are two items applicable to the newer versions of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software that are not covered in the published installation instructions.

  • The WorkPlace Tech Tool software, releases 5.7.7, 5.8 and 5.8.1 will run on the 32 bit versions of Windows-XP, Windows Vista or Windows-7.  These releases of the software will also run in XP-Mode under the 64-bit version of Windows-7.  See I/A Series (Niagara) R2 Windows Compatibility Matrix and the linked PA-00163 product announcement for more information on Windows 7 compatibility.  Make sure that the computer meets or exceeds the recommended requirements, not the minimum requirements, for the operating system being used.
  • Beginning with release 5.8.5 of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software, Windows 7 64-bit Professional and Microsoft Visio 2010 is supported (32-bit version only), in addition to the documented Microsoft Visio 2003 and Microsoft Visio 2007 (32-bit versions).

The use of Visio 2010 and its ribbon bar menu system are described in the WorkPlace Tech Tool release 5.8 release notes.  This same version of the release notes (5.8) is applicable to the use of Visio 2010 with the WorkPlace Tech Tool software release 5.8.1.

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