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I/NET Seven with SQL 2008


  • Receive "Initialization error" when trying to start I/NET with SQL 2008
  • When we installing SQL Server 2008 Standard for I/NET Filemaster, what are the main components we should include?
  • When editing / adding a new I/NET Configuration Profile the Database Server section is blank
  • DBCreate does not start.  Appears in task Manager but no user interface is shown.
  • Within DBCreate the restore option is grayed out

Product Line



  • I/NET Seven 2.4x
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 families of operating systems. (both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard or Express Editions
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Standard or Express Editions


I/NET must have the SQL 2005 Backward compatibility file installed.  If this is not installed I/NET will not locate the SQL Server and hence will issue an “initialization failure” error.  This is can also be identified in either the DBCreate or I/NET Configuration application editors which will show no entries in their "Database Server" settings.

The document also details information that is necessary for a Standard or Express editions of SQL 2008 / SQL 2008 R2.


Follow the instructions below extracted from the document called "SQL2008 Expr Install Inst.pdf".  This document is found on I/NET Seven CD under the 'SQLExpress' folder.  For SQL 2008 R2 installations refer to the following document SQL2008 R2 Expr Install.pdf, also found in this same folder . 

Installing SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility

SQL Server 2005 backward compatibility must be installed for SQL 2008.

To install SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility

  1. Navigate to the SQLBcm directory on the TAC I/NET Seven installation CD.
  2. Launch the SQLServer2005_BC.msi file.
  3. Follow the prompts on each screen and accept all defaults.
  4. After the install check the SQL Server Services
    1. SQL Server Browser is RUNNING
  5. Check the SQL Server Network Configuration Protocols
    1. Enable Named Pipes
    2. Enable TCP/IP

Completing the Installation

Proceed with the installation of TAC I/NET Seven on your PC. For installation instructions, refer to TCON298, TAC I/NET Seven Getting Started.

Note: Run Inetcfg.exe before starting TAC I/NET Seven for the first time.

This is necessary to attach TAC I/NET Seven to the database and avoid an “Initialization failure” error.

Note: Before file equalization will operate, the system must be rebooted or the INETEQZMERGE service must be manually started.


Also refer to Installing I/NET 2.42 or higher and Vista 5.1.7 or higher on a 64-bit operating system for additional details on installing I/NET with SQL 2008 R2.

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