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I/A Series R2 (Niagara) station opened in the Admin Tool displays "Disabled"


An I/A Series R2 (Niagara) station opened in the Admin Tool displays "Disabled." What does this error message mean?

Product Line

TAC IA Series


An I/A Series R2 (Niagara) UNC.


When a station is in the disabled mode, it indicates that the station has rebooted multiple times in a five minute period. Possible causes are rapid fluctuations in the AC power supplying the UNC, a bad battery, or a station with less than 20% idle time.


  1. Disconnect the battery, then cycle power to the UNC and see if it boots up normally.
  2. Run the system spy: in a browser, enter  http:// (ipaddress of UNC):3011/system/spy.
    Login with the hardware user name and password.
    At the bottom of the page, click on "Reset Counter", then check to see if the idle time exceeds 20%.
    If not, the station will need to be tuned to increase the idle time.
  3. Check battery per Niagara R2/G3 UNC/JACE reboots every 15 minutes with "Battery test failed" logged. See Batteries for the UNC-410 and UNC-520 are interchangeable for battery part numbers.
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