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How to use MPM Modbus Generic Driver


In firmware 2.19.1, the MPM Modbus Generic Driver feature has been introduced with little to no explanation on how to use it

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert


Multi Purpose Manager (MPM)


Sample CSV file not available on MPM


In order to establish communication with a modbus device, a CSV (comma separated values) file of a certain format must be uploaded to the GMC1 object. Once uploaded the file will be visible in the drop-down list.



Requirements and Limitations

  • Only holding registers are supported at this time (Modbus function codes 3 and 16)
  • The CSV file mast be renamed Modbus_[label].csv where label is the name of the device or a label to help identification (e.g. Modbus_SE8000.csv)
  • Write only registers are not supported
  • It is not possible to use a more than 32 bits variable in write mode
  • It is not possible to leave a blank column in CSV register configuration file except the last column
  • It is not possible to create a continuous register table using different variable types


The CSV file must have the following format:


Download example here (The text file can be viewed in a text editor but its extension must renamed to csv before uploading it to the MPM)


modbus register address (Decimal number between 1 and 65535)


  • "uint" (UI16)
  • "int" (SI16)
  • "float" (F32)
  • "ulong" (UI32)
  • "int64" (SI64)
  • "uint64" (UI64)

label: name for this register, this will also be used to populate the associated object in the MPM
Alphanumeric value between 1 and 32 characters. No special characters (comma, simple quotes, double quotes,%,&,@,#, etc.)

access: read or read_write.
read will only poll register based on driver availability (30 seconds typical)
read_write will monitor for a change of value of the associated point, which will then generate a write event to the device with this new value

factor: multiplier / gain
Float number, typical between 0.001 and 65535. Typical use are factors of 10: (1,10,100, etc)
This factor is multiplied when reading and is divided when writing.    

unit: BACnet unit, used for the object units in the MPM.
Number from the following list:

169 ampere square meters
3 Amperes
167 amperes per meter
168 amperes per square meter
55 bars
20 BTUs
50 btus per hour
117 btus per pound
24 btus per pound dry air
179 candelas
180 candelas per square meter
118 centimeters
60 centimeters of mercury
57 centimeters of water
79 cubic feet
84 cubic feet per minute
142 cubic feet per second
80 cubic meters
135 cubic meters per hour
165 cubic meters per minute
85 cubic meters per second
105 currency1
114 currency10
106 currency2
107 currency3
108 currency4
109 currency5
110 currency6
111 currency7
112 currency8
113 currency9
25 cycles per hour
26 cycles per minute
70 days
65 degree days celsius
66 degree days fahrenheit
90 degrees angular
62 degrees celsius
91 degrees celsius per hour
92 degrees celsius per minute
64 degrees fahrenheit
93 degrees fahrenheit per hour
94 degrees fahrenheit per minute
63 degrees kelvin
181 degrees kelvin per hour
182 degrees kelvin per minute
14 Degrees Phase
120 delta degrees fahrenheit
121 delta degrees kelvin
170 farads
33 feet
77 feet per minute
76 feet per second
38 foot candles
28 grams of water per kilogram dry air
155 grams per minute
154 grams per second
133 hectopascals
171 henrys
27 hertz
51 horsepower
71 hours
158 hundredths seconds
81 imperial gallons
86 imperial gallons per minute
32 inches
61 inches of mercury
58 inches of water
183 joule seconds
16 Joules
127 joules per degree kelvin
128 joules per kilogram degree kelvin
23 Joules/Kilogram Dry Air
147 kilo btus
157 kilo btus per hour
39 kilograms
186 kilograms per cubic meter
44 kilograms per hour
43 kilograms per minute
42 kilograms per second
129 kilohertz
122 kiloohms
17 Kilojoules
151 kilojoules per degree kelvin
125 kilojoules per kilogram
149 kilojoules per kilogram dry air
75 kilometers per hour
54 kilopascals
9 Kilovolt Amperes
12 Kilovolt Amperes Reactive
19 Kilowatt Hours
48 kilowatts
6 KVs
138 kw hours per square foot
137 kw hours per square meter
82 liters
136 liters per hour
88 liters per minute
87 liters per second
36 lumens
37 luxes
148 mega btus
130 megahertz
126 megajoules
152 megajoules per degree kelvin
150 megajoules per kilogram dry air
140 megajoules per square foot
139 megajoules per square meter
10 Megavolt Amperes
13 Megavolt Amperes Reactive
146 megawatt hours
49 megawatts
123 megohms
31 meters
164 meters per hour
163 meters per minute
74 meters per second
166 meters per second per second
78 miles per hour
2 Milliamperes
134 millibars
30 millimeters
59 millimeters of mercury
162 millimeters per minute
161 millimeters per second
145 milliohms
159 milliseconds
124 millivolts
132 milliwatts
72 minutes
68 months
7 MVs
153 newton
160 newton meters
187 newton seconds
188 newtons per meter
95 no units
172 ohm meters
4 Ohms
97 parts per billion
96 parts per million
53 pascals
131 per hour
100 per minute
101 per second
98 percent
143 percent obscuration per foot
144 percent obscuration per meter
99 percent per second
29 percent relative humidity
56 pounds force per square inch
40 pounds mass
46 pounds mass per hour
45 pounds mass per minute
119 pounds mass per second
15 Power Factor
102 psi per degree fahrenheit
103 radians
184 radians per second
104 revolutions per minute
73 seconds
173 siemens
174 siemens per meter
116 square centimeters
1 Square Feet
115 square inches
0 Square Meters
185 square meters per newton
175 teslas
21 Therms
22 Ton Hours
41 tons
156 tons per hour
52 tons refrigeration
83 us gallons
89 us gallons per minute
8 Volt Amperes
11 Volt Amperes Reactive
5 Volts
176 volts per degree kelvin
177 volts per meter
18 Watt Hours
47 watts
189 watts per meter per degree kelvin
34 watts per square foot
35 watts per square meter
141 watts per square meter degree kelvin
178 webers
69 weeks
67 years
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