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How to show camera from a DVR in Pinpoint Graphic panel.


Unable to select DVR when selecting Video source device in Video Object control in a Pinpoint Graphic.


Continuum Cyberstation

Pinpoint Graphics

Endura DVR


The Video Object control in Pinpoint is not able to have an external DVR as the source. It is only able to show images from internal cameras connected to the Workstation such as by USB or the older Integral Flashbus card.  


The Video Object control only supports cameras connected to the Cyberstation through the means of USB or an Integral Flashbus card.

Alternatively, there are two options available to show video from an external DVR/camera in a Pinpoint Graphic.

  1. Configure a VideoLayout or Video Monitor object and link this to the DVR and camera you wish to view. Create a button on the graphic to launch the required camera.
  2. If the camera is an IP camera and supports streaming, use the embedded Webpage control on the Pinpoint graphic to link to the webpage streaming the camera image.

Note: This is a resource heavy way of displaying video in Cyberstation and isn't recommended. The integration that is offered to Endura or Digital Sentry are the best solutions for displaying video in Cyberstation.

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