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How to latch an output with one input and unlatch with another input.


If one Input is required to activate an Output and another Input to de-activate the Output, this Output can be defined by Input Types. The below is a simple scenario where when the first Input turns ON the Control Output turns ON, when the second Input turns ON the Control Output turns OFF.

In this scenario we are activating a Duress alarm when an Input goes on and resetting that Alarm when the reset Input is triggered.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert



Require detailed instructions on how to program a latching duress alarm scenario.


Objects required:
1x Area - "Duress_Area"
2x Input Types - "Duress Enable", "Duress Reset"
2x Inputs - "VI Duress Trigger", "VI Duress Reset"
1x Output - "VO Duress Alarm"
Note: The above object names are what is used in this example, you can set these to whatever you require.
Creating the Area
1. Navigate to Programming > Areas. Add a new area (Duress Area), set the Entry and Exit Delay Times to 0. All other settings can be left default.
Creating the Input Types
1. Navigate to Programming > Input Types. Create a new Input Type (Duress Enable)
2. Set the Control Output to your Output (VO Duress Alarm).
3. Under Options 1 enable Generate Alarms.
4. Under Options 2 enable Activate Control Output on Alarm .
5. Set any other options that may be required.
6. Create a new Input Type (Duress Reset) and redo steps 2 - 5 above except under Options 2 enable Deactivate Control Output On Alarm.
Configuring the Inputs
1. Navigate to Programming > Inputs select the Input (VI Duress Trigger) and set the following:
2. Set the Area to the Dummy Area (Duress_Area) created earlier.
3. Set the Input Type to the Input Type (Duress Enable).
4. select the Input (VI Duress Reset) and set the following:
5. Set the Area to the Dummy Area (Duress_Area) created earlier.
6. Set the Input Type to the Input Type (Duress Reset).
1. Arm both portions of the Area
2. Activate the Input (VI Duress Trigger) to confirm Alarm is generated and Output Activates.
3. Activate the Input (VI Duress Reset) to confirm Alarm is generated and Output Deactivates. 
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