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How to extract an XIF out of a Lon controller


There may be a situation where the External Interface File (XIF) needs to be extracted out of the controller in order to properly set up the controller in a building automation system. 

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation, TAC IA Series, TAC Vista


  • External Interface File (XIF)
  • NodeUtil
  • Loytec XIF Builder


These tools will help with the extraction of an XIF file. An XIF file is used to create a Niagara R2 shadow object, a Niagara G3 LMNL file, LonWorks device template, and a SmartStruxure device template. 


The device manufacture should provide an XIF, and in most cases, a DRF kit as well. The XIF provided by the manufacture of the controller should be used first but if issues arise it may be required to extract the file form the controller. There are a number of tools available that will create an XIF, but the DRF kit cannot be created by any tool, and must be supplied by the manufacture. This MUST be provided along with the device.

The list below covers some of the tools which are available.

  • NodeUtil                          (header: bad,           NVs: ok,                      DMA/File-SCPTs are omitted)
  • Vista's XIF-builder           (header: bad,           NVs: almost ok..,       DMA/File-SCPTs are omitted) 
  • Loytec plugIn                  (does a perfect XIF from a device using Loytec's stack)


NodeUtil is available from the Echelon website (free registration is required) - This package makes it easy to use NodeUtil with Loytec interfaces.

Loytec XIF Builder is available from the Loytec website (free registration is required)

If the uploaded XIF still contains some detailed prompted error, refer to Error displayed when importing a device XIF into SmartStruxure.

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