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How to estimate the thermal load (BTU/hr) that your controllers and equipment will produce.


How to estimate the thermal load (BTU/hr) that your controllers and equipment will produce.


All electrical equipment.


Need to know what the thermal load of our equipment will be for calculating air conditioning capacity. Not all of our equipment has this information provided in data sheets.


It is possible to calculate the thermal load based on the power consumption of each device. See here for an online calculator.

You can calculate the BTU/hr using the following formula.

BTU/hr = Power (W) * 3.1412141633

As an example, looking at the Continuum AC-1 I/O module's datasheet, we see that it consumes 2.6W without the attached reader (you would need to add the power from the reader as well if it is being powered by the AC-1). Which gives us;

AC-1 = 2.6W * 3.412141633 = 8.87 BTU/hr

Use this same calculation for any other devices that you require the thermal load for.

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