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How to display a BACnet object InstanceID


Need to obtain points InstanceIDs to provide to third party vendor for system integration.



b3s devices


Third party vendor system integration


The instanceID of a BACnet object can be shown in a List View.

In a list view configuration add a column to display InstanceId, the id will be shown as two numbers separated by a forward slash '/', the number after the '/' is the instance id.

i.e. 73009/59

In the example above 59 is the instance id.

Note that in BACnet the InstanceId of an object is a 32 bit number where the ten most significant bits contain the object class and the other 22 bits is the actual id. CyberStation strips the object class when showing an object's instance id.

If the RoamIO BACnet service tool is used it can be configured to display the full instance id without stripping the object type from the value.

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