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How to configure CX/BCX controller for 12 SNMP NMS devices ( 2 in non-volatile memory, 10 in volatile memory)


Continuum CX/BCX controller provides up to 12 SNMP NMS notification devices (2 devices IP addresses in controller's non-volatile memory and 10 devices' IP addresses in volatile memory) , but its SNMP Alarming configuration page shows only two edit boxes for the IP address of the NMS devices (destination IP of the notification) to be set in non-volatile memory. 

Where do the rest 10 devices' IP addresses should be set?



CX controllers

BCX controllers

NC2 controllers

ACX57xx controllers


Continuum CX/BCX controller's SNMP Alarming configuration page shows only two edit boxes for the IP address of the NMS devices (IP address of the destination devices of the notification) to be set.


The first two(2) NMS Devices IP addresses are saved in non-volatile memory of the controller by entering them on the SNMP configuration page of either the Command Terminal Interface (hyper terminal for the 1st Gen controllers) or the Configuration WebPage interface (web browser for the 2nd Gen controller). 

The 10 rest NMS devices' IP addresses are saved in volatile memory of the controller by entering them on accNotifyTable using the NMS software's MIB Browser. Please refer to the attached  "SNMP Configuration.pdf" file page 21 for an example of the MG_Soft MIB Browser in that regard.

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