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How do Automation and Scripts work in Security Expert?


How do Automation and Scripts work in Security Expert?


Security Expert


Unsure how to use these features in Security Expert.


1. Automation
The Automation|Automation menu is for C-Bus interface programming. Security Expert uses the C-Bus Ethernet Network Interface (CNI). You connect to the CNI in WX by creating a C-Bus Service through Programming|Services using the IP address and port of the CNI. The GX integration does allow for control signals to be sent both ways, C-Bus to GX and vice versa. This is set when you set up each individual automation function in GX under the options tab. The function maps the C-Bus status to an output so you can either control the output from within GX to send signals to the C-Bus Network, or have the automation function change the state of the output based on control signals from C-Bus. The help file in Security Expert has descriptions for all the fields in the menu, we do not have a guide unfortunately.

Programmable functions are self-explanatory, some of their uses are covered in the Security Expert Training and the help file, Data values and Variables can be used with Programmable functions to directly monitor and display analogue values, for example from HVAC systems, and then trigger functions within Security Expert based on those values. Programmable functions can be setup to control logic within GX, Doors, Areas, Elevators or basically anything you like.
2. Scripts
There are no Scripts - the value under Events|Actions|Configuration|Type|Run Script has no functionality at this stage.
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