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General recommendations for LonWorks system architecture


What are the general recommendations for LonWorks system architecture?

Product Line

TAC Vista, TAC IA Series


  • LNS database
  • LonWorks network
  • Vista Server
  • I/A Series MNL


Understanding the different communication speeds and optimal site design can lead to improved performance of LON traffic on a network.


There are three levels supported by LonWorks.

  1. TCP/IP
  2. 1.25mbs high speed backbone
  3. 78Kbs FTT-10 level

Our recommendation is to maximize the use of TCP/IP, minimize the use of the 1.25mbs high-speed backbone and use a tiered structure of 78Kbs LON segments. The IP provides high-speed data transfer, which is good. The 1.25mbs high-speed bus works fine, but it has a number of special requirements that must be adhered to for proper operation. The flexibility of this 1.25mbs network is limited for the expansion of new Lonworks segments, whereas the TCP/IP is more in line with current building infrastructure making it easier to expand the LonWorks system.

In the TCP/IP there are two options that allow for better communications.

  1. Standard TCP/IP configuration that will work well for most middle-sized networks. This is standard with NL220 or Lonmaker installations
  2. Orion Stack is an improvement on the standard TCP/IP and can poll multiple values at one time helping improve the TCP/IP response on large networks. More information in setting up an Orion stack improved TCP/IP LonWorks network.
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