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Fan command does not turn of on the SE7300 or SE8000 controllers


SE7300 and SE8000 room controller fan speeds do not turn off when fan mode is set to auto. When cooling and / or heating is no longer needed, the fan speed remains at low speed.

Product Line

Andover Continuum, EcoStruxure Building Expert, EcoStruxure Building Operation, Field Devices, Other, Satchwell MicroNet, TAC IA Series, TAC Vista


SE7000 series room controller


It is required that the fan be turned off when no demand for cooling or heating is needed.


SE7300 controllers

Enter the configuration mode of the room controller. Refer to page 19 of the SE7300 Series Installation Guide for the procedure to enter the configuration mode.

In configuration mode, there is a parameter 'AutoFan'. The default mode for this parameter is 'AS'. In order for the fan to stop when there is no demand, the mode should be set to 'AS AD'.

  • AS (Default) = Auto Speed during occupied periods. Fan is always on during occupied periods. Low, medium and high speeds operate on temperature offset from set point.
  • AS AD = Auto Speed / Auto Demand during occupied periods.
    - Medium and high speeds operate on temperature offset from set point. Low speed operates on demand and will shut down when no demand is present.

SE8000 controllers

On the room controller, select the fan mode parameter from the home screen. The fan mode must be set to Smart in order for the fan output to function as expected. In Smart mode the fan will turn off when there is no demand for cooling or heating.

For SmartStruxure applications of the SE8000 controller

This issue can also be seen when binding to the "Value field of the Occupancy Command of the SE8000 controller. Make sure to bind to a priority, not to Value otherwise the fan command will not turn off.

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