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Expose the temperature setpoint SNVT, nciSetPts, in a GxPage for Niagara R2


How do I expose the temperature setpoint SNVT, nciSetPts, in a GxPage for Niagara R2?


Niagara R2 all versions




The nciSetpt temperature values can be displayed and changed via graphic with the use of the SnvtTempSetptCmd conversion object. The SnvtTempSetptCmd object is located in the local library: /tridiumx/lonworks/conversion folder. The vt7600R shadow object was used in this example. Use the shadow object which matches the program ID of the device being used.

  1. Open the Local library and go to the /tridiumx/lonworks/conversion folder
  2. Copy and paste the snvtTempSetptCmd object to your Workspace.
  3. Link the nciSetPts property of the shadow object to the snvtTempSetpt property of the SnvtTempSetptCmd object and click ok. (see Figure 1)
    Figure 1.
  4. Add two GxText objects for each setpoint you want accessed and label them accordingly. (see Figure 2)
  5. Select the temp setpoint property under SnvtTempSetptCmd object and binding for the GxText property. (see Figure 2)
    Figure 2.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each setpoint to be exposed.
  7. Return to the Workspace view once all the desired setpoints have been exposed.
    You can now Right-click on the desired setpoint and change its value.
    Figure 3.

    Figure 4.
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