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Explain and define I/NET Ethernet, C-LAN, and Sub-LAN communication


  • What is the SubLAN and what is the C-LAN in regards to Ethernet and termination resistor information?
  • Explanation of termination resistor, RS-485, baud rate, token passing, and polling method.
  • Is the Host LAN above or below the Ethernet LAN?

Product Line



I/NET Seven Network


A better understanding of the I/NET network architecture and communication components can help to avoid the need to troubleshoot issues later.


When defining the network in I/NET, the chart below helps to explain which components communicate to others including resistor termination. This is a simple explanation on where the various I/NET components are located in an I/NET Seven Network. C-LAN & Sub-LAN Wiring Specifications are available here as a PDF document.

Selecting the link Network Definition CLAN SubLAN downloads and opens the pdf document shown below.

Network Definition CLAN/SubLAN

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