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Error: "No Entries in Database"


Unable to connect to a system that is using Server/Client Configuration. After promoting a stand alone PC to a remote client and clicking on the connect button, an error "No Entries in Database" comes up and the user cannot connect to any of the controllers on the system.

Product Line



  • I/NET Seven
  • Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista


After promoting a stand alone PC to a remote client the Reference Host information of both the server and the client must be updated with the IP addresses of each other.

Bad communication or bad controller that is connecting the C-LAN to the Xenta 527


  1. Open I/O Server
  2. Hit the Modify button
  3. In the Reference Host Column, add the IP address of the server
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the server, adding the IP address of the remote client.

Note: Should the Xenta 527 still not communicate to the controller:

  1. Verify that the C-LAN wire is connected properly
  2. There is communications between the controllers and the Xenta 527
  3. If not, unplug the C-Lan connector, from all the controllers and bring them online one at a time to determine which one could be bad.
  4. Replace possible bad controller and the system should come online again.
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