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Erie Actuators and Plenum ratings


To clarify if the Erie Zone valve actuators are Plenum rated per the NFPA ( National Fire Protection Association ) safety standards.


Erie Actuators


Plenum rating of our actuators apply to the wires or cables used externally for terminations of the actuator.


To provide a plenum rated solution, one of the two options below could be used.

1. Use an Erie actuator that has terminal connections instead of wire leads like the AG13A01A or AG23A01A and use plenum rated wire or cabling to connect to their terminals.

2. Use conduit connectors with a complete electrical conduit system to enclose all the wires in conduit.

Note: The Erie models that have wire leads or cable like the AG13A020, have appliance wire NOT plenum rated. Without the use of a conduit system to shield the wire, it would Not meet plenum rated standards

Consult the local Electrical Building Inspector to verify the best solution to ensure your application can be certified after inspection.

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