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Endura DVR missing the Video in I/NET Seven Rev 2.41


Endura DVR missing the Video in I/NET Seven Rev 2.41

Product Line



  • I/NET Seven rev 2.41
  • Endura DVR


The Endura Workstation software that comes with the DVR (by default) is set to "Multicast". If this has not been changed, then you DO NOT have to change the three I/Net files listed below.

If the Endura Workstation software was changed from the default (Multicast) setting to a "Unicast" setting. Then you WILL have to change the three I/Net files listed below.

What is the Pelco definition of “Multicast” mode?

By default, Endura encoders and Pelco network IP cameras are default to stream live video in Multicast mode. A common symptom of multicast routing issue is where the date and time stamp can be seen on the workspace but the video is black. This symptom is commonly associated in a layer 3 routing network where appropriate multicast routing protocol has not been enabled globally or inside the VLAN.


The resolution is to modify three files that are installed with I/NET Seven rev 2.41. These three files are located in this directory on the PC – C:\Program Files\INet Seven

  1. INetAMT.exe.config
  2. INetCfg.exe.config
  3. INetW.exe.config

Note: If the above three files are not in the I/Net folder, then you have not delete the previous SDK driver. You must delete the previous driver thru the "Add and Remove" option in Control Panel. Once removed then go into the I/Net CD and select the "Support" folder and manually load the new SDK Driver. Then proceed with the rest of the process in this article.

Use Notepad to open each one of these files one at a time and change this setting from the "default" of "False" to "True."

  1. After making all of the changes in the three file, shut down the I/NET and IO Server ICON.
  2. Restart the I/NET again, and the Video should show up in the I/NET program
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