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Duplicate UID in a Vista Master / Slave (noded) network


The B0cfglog.txt file located in the Vista database $log folder and Alarms in Vista are getting the error:

Physical unit "Unit Name" on node "Node Name" is a duplicate by uid=### with "Unit Name" on node "Node Name"

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Noded Vista Server
  • Master / Slave Vista


Conflicting UID in a Master/Slave node network.

Master Vista Server or Master. In a Vista network/system containing several Vista Servers, one of the Vista Servers is the Master Vista Server, managing and communicating system-specific information and global settings throughout the Vista network/system.

Slave Vista Server or Slave. The Slave Vista Servers in a Vista system receive system-specific information and global settings from the Master in the Vista network/system.

If once standalone servers are all added to one Master network, the Master assigns a unique ID to each slave. Normally when a UID gets duplicated the master tells the servers correct the duplication. Sometimes this automated fix cannot occur because the duplication prevents the proper communication.

In this case, the slaves need to re-establish communication with each other and be restarted.


  1. Delete the slaved node
  2. Update Vista to reflect the node is removed
  3. Adding the node back
  4. Restart Vista Server

The UID should be resolved and the error should not be present.  If the error still comes up please try the following steps:

  1. Make current backups of all Vista Databases
  2. Close the slave server
  3. Open the mater server
  4. When asked, "Do you want to change identities on this node?" select Yes
  5. Close the master server and reopen both the mater and the salve server and the error should be gone

Instructions on how to add the Vista Slave node onto the master can be found in Creating TAC Vista multi-server network.

For this to work, the slaves need to be able to see each other as well. If you do not want the slaves to see each other, add them while balancing the load on the network. They can later be removed when the problem is not occurring anymore. 

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