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Do NOT use Backup and Restore to duplicate Automation Server databases! (1.5 and below).


It has come to our attention that people are using Backup and Restore to duplicate Automation Server databases, this is not supported and should not be used as it results in various issues.  Some of the known issues at this time are listed below:

  • When attempting to update Server IP addresses using the advanced feature "Repair server communication"; one or more Automation Servers are listed as Offline even though they are shown as Online within the System Tree.
    (Click on image for larger view)
    Click for larger viiew

  • When performing a backup / restore from the Enterprise Server the Automation Server(s) are not listed as part of the Child view. 
    Click for larger view
  • Right-clicking on the Automation Server does not give all the options available and most are grayed out.
    Click for larger view


StruxureWare Building Operation version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5


This situation arises because each Automation Server receives a unique identifier, global unique identifier (GUID), when using the backup and restore function this GUID is retained.  Therefore when restored to other Automation Servers these will retain the same identifier.  The only course of action available within this environment is to detach the Automation Server from the Enterprise Server and create a new database from scratch. The correct duplication process across Automation Servers is to use the export and import feature or copy and paste (drag and drop) across Automation Servers.  


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.6 and above update:  

You can now use the Restore function to re-use the configuration data from a backup set in a new standalone Automation Server. Rather than manually configuring your preferred Automation Server configuration, you can save time and configure the standalone Automation Server from a backup set.

Online help topic: Duplicating an Automation Server Using Restore

Backup and Restore feature should NOT be used to duplicate multiple Automation Server's databases it should only be backed up and restored to the same server.  Instead the Export / Import and copy and past features are designed for this function.   A warning note in the Technical Reference and IT Reference guides (versions 1.2, 1.3, & 1.4) has been added warning the users not to use the backup and restore function for duplication.  See the online StruxureWare WebHelp for this current Important Note (login required):

Backup and Restore Overview

However if you have this situation then it may be possible to recover some or most of the database, please contact Product Support and reference this article number so that this issue can be confirmed.  

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