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Disable BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet ports on an I/A MNB-1000 if not connected to a network


Is it okay to leave BACnet/IP or BACnet/Ethernet port enabled on an I/A MNB-1000 even if it's not physically connected to a network?

Product Line

TAC IA Series


  • WorkPlace Tech
  • MNB-1000, all versions


Leaving BACnet/IP or BACnet/Ethernet enabled means that the MNB-1000 is acting as a router. The MNB-1000 thinks there are networks present and tries to route to them. This produces routing loops.


When an MNB-1000 is configured as an MS/TP-only device, and does not use BACnet/IP or BACnet/Ethernet, be sure that BACnet/IP and BACnet/Ethernet are both disabled.

Caution: The MNB-1000 is not recommended to be use as an MSTP device.  It is meant to be used as a BACnet/IP or BACnet/ Ethernet device.

Note: If either BACnet/IP or BACnet/Ethernet is needed for maintenance reasons, you can access the MNB-1000 via the MS/TP trunk and enable the necessary port. Once you maintenance is completed, disable the unused port again.

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