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Digital Sentry Control Point and Cyberstation Video Integration on the same PC


Digital Sentry Control Point  and Cyberstation have conflicts with both pieces of software on the same PC.


  • Cyberstation
  • Digital Sentry Control Point
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008


The Cyberstation Video Integration and Digital Sentry Control Point use the same API to communicate and could cause issues.


This configuration is not officially supported or tested, although we have reports that say people are doing it in the field. The reason it is not supported is because they both depend on the same DSConnex API. Installing both may introduce Windows registry issues. (causing issues with whichever application was first installed).

From the field

Without Control Point installed controllers were online.

If only control point is installed they can view Video once Continuum is installed they can no longer view Video.

Both program work independently of each other but not together, last one installed works.

The configuration of having Digital Sentry Control Point and Cyberstation Video Integration installed on the same PC is not supported. The reason that it is not supported is because both products use the same API (Application Programming Interface) files in order to display video.

There could also be Windows registry issues particularly if different versions of the API files are getting installed by each application.


An example from the field

If only Control Point is installed the site could view video normally. Once Continuum was installed, video will no longer display in Control Point.

Both programs work independently of each other, however, typically the last program that gets installed is the one that will work and the first program installed gets broken, so that video will not display.

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