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Could not find pin file at specified URL error when opening webpinpoint 1.80/1.81


After an install of webclient 1.80/1.81 on Windows Server 2003 you receive the following error opening webpinpoint graphics:

Could not find pin file at specified URL. Please contact your system administrator.


webpinpoint 1.80/1.81


.PIN and .EMF file extensions have not been registered in the IIS MIME Types (for webClient Pinpoint graphics). Also, an IP conflict with another PC can cause this.


Webpinpoint is installed properly when first opening a graphic, you can browse to the NewGraphicsFiles folder through Internet Explorer and the web folder tab in Cyberstation pinpoint options resolves properly without Red Xs.

To fix this, follow the instructions on Pg 32 in the Webclient 1.80/1.81 Installation Guide as follows
Registering File Extensions for Server 2003 after IIS

If you have a Windows Server 2003 system, you must also register the .PIN and .EMF file extensions
in the IIS MIME Types (for webClient Pinpoint graphics).

After IIS installation, follow this procedure:

  1. From the Control Panel, double click and open Administrative Tools. The Administrative Tools dialog appears.
  2. Double click and open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager dialog appears.
  3. In the tree, right click on the machine name, and select Properties from the popup menu.
  4. Click the MIME Types button. The MIME Types dialog appears.
  5. Click the NEW button. The MIME Types dialog appears with 2 empty fields
  6. In the Extension field, enter: .pin and in the MIME type field, enter: pinfiles/plain. Click Ok
  7. Click the NEW button again, but in the Extension field, enter: .emf and in the MIME type field, enter: image/emf
  8. Click OK three times back through the dialogs.
  9. Restart your machine and open webpinpoint
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