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Continuum crashes with RPC error on start up


Continuum crashes with RPC error "The RPC server is unavailable" shortly after launching.

RPC Error.PNGRPC Server Error

Product Line

Andover Continuum




Possible causes:

  1. Virtual memory, make sure virtual memory is set to recommended value. (see virtual memory requirement in Cyberstation installation document)
  2. Remote Procedure Call (RPC) locator service not started (Should be configured for automatic start)
  3. A resource needed by Continuum is not available. For example if an EventNotification is configured to page on alarm and there is no modem installed in the workstation then if an alarm is active on start up Continuum will encounter RPC error.


  1. Set workstation virtual memory to recommended value.
  2. Configure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for automatic start.
  3. Make sure resource needed is available or reconfigure as needed.
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