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Changing the value of a Sigma object, from a StruxureWare Building Operation Graphic using a Trackbar component.


Changing a Sigma value from a graphic.


Object Override




From an imported or transitioned Satchwell Sigma graphic it is possible to override an object value, from a StruxureWare Building Operation Trackbar graphic, it is not.


Sigma's objects are unusual, in that they are not writable. To change their value you have to force them, (or manually override them in Sigma terms).  This means that the standard "Trackbar" component that comes with StruxureWare Building Operation, will not work with Sigma.

To manually override the Sigma object, the existing "Trackbar" can be modified to call "setForce" on the object .  This is what legacy Sigma normally does if you have a slider on a graphic, and move the slider. It sets the object to a manual override state.

The standard "Trackbar" component can be changed to make it work with Sigma objects.

To do this, the "setForce" line was added to the function "setCurrentValue",

  •  setForce(fullName, true);
  •  return setValue(fullName, value);

 Note:-  As with legacy Sigma, StruxureWare Building Operation Transitioned Sigma only supports changing certain values.  For example:-

  • You can't make a graphic change the alarm high limit.
  • You can't make it change the configuration value "Fixed value".

 The modified "Trackbar in the StruxureWare Building Operation graphic must be bound to the "Value" property, just like it would have been in legacy Sigma.  It is not valid to bind it to the configuration value.

To download a copy of the modified "Trackbar", please click HERE.

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