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Change out a failed B4920 or BACnet BCX controller


How do I change out a failed B4920 or BACnet BCX controller?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • B4920
  • BACnet BCX controller


Failed device


  1. Place Cyberstation Offline.
  2. Edit existing B4920 or BCX Controller object on the Infinity side and note the following:
    1. ACC Net ID
    2. BACnet Device ID
    3. Network ID - UPD
    4. Network ID - Comm2 (MS/TP network ID)
    5. IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Router (Gateway) Address
    6. Name of the controller
  3. Physically disconnect power and MS/TP data cables from existing B4 or BCX Controller.
  4. Remove existing B4 or BCX Controller.
  5. Install replacement B4 or BCX Controller.
  6. Connect MS/TP data cable to the replacement B4 or BCX Controller.
  7. Connect power to the replacement B4 or BCX Controller.
  8. Use a web browser to connect to the login page of the B4 or BCX at IP Address
  9. Use the controller configuration web page to configure the following values:
    1. ACC Net ID (enter the value from Step 2 a)
    2. BACnet Device ID (enter the value from Step 2 b). This is very important - do not use the new controller's serial number or you will likely have trouble communicating with the new controller on the BACnet side. 
    3. BACnet Network ID - UDP (enter the value from Step 2 c)
    4. BACnet Network ID - Comm2 (enter the value from Step 2 d)
    5. IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway Address (enter the values from Step 2 e)
    6. Name (enter the value from Step 2 f)
    7. If this device is a BCX, the user will want to reset the BACnet MAC ID - Comm2 value, if that value was non-zero in the device being replaced (there is no record of this value in Cyberstation).
  10. Click the Submit to Controller button then Commit Changes button and then CommitChanges/Restart Controller button. Allow sufficient time for the controller to restart.
  11. In CyberStation, on the Infinity side, edit the controller object and change the serial number to that of the new controller. Save the object.  
  12. Go back to Online mode in CyberStation. The new B4 or BCX should now be online in the Infinity view.
  13. Reload the B4 or BCX Controller.
  14. Verify existing Points and Programs are running correctly.
  15. Perform a “Backup to Flash” operation on the B4 or BCX Controller.
  16. Check that the controller is online in the BACnet side. Note that the Device Node ID on the BACnet side is the serial number of the old (replaced) controller. This is as it should be since we do not want to create a new BACnet device; we just want to replace the controller hardware.
  17. Edit objects on the BACnet side to verify that there are no errors.  
  18. Test alarms, graphics, communication to b3's/3rd party devices, etc. 
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