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Capture a modbus trace log in EBO/SBO


There is a need to capture a log that shows the Modbus communication in the AS or ES in order to troubleshoot an issue

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Building Operation Workstation
  • Buildning Operation Automation Server
  • Building Operation Enterprise Server


When troubleshooting modbus issues in an AS or ES it can be helpful to see the communication


  1. Open Workstation and navigate to [AS/ES name]/System/Modules/Trace/Loggers/nsp/nsp.pin.
  2. Right-click "nsp.pin.modbus" and choose properties.
  3. Under Level, change from "Information" to "Trace", then click ok.
  4. Let it run a few minutes. If there are some user input needed to recreate the modbus issue, do it.
  5. Retrieve the log by right-clicking [AS/ES name]/System/Modules/Trace/TraceSettings and choose Trace settings->Get trace log. 
  6. Save the log file somewhere you'll find it later.
  7. Change log level back to "Information" (reverse step 3). 
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