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Cannot re-host a Continuum virtual software license


All efforts to move a Continuum Virtual License from one host machine to another are unsuccessful.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum Cyberstation


  1. The license type is not shown as Re-hostable in the Sentinal Admin Control Center webpage.

    Sentinal Web Page.png


  2. The license type is not shown as re-hostable after applying the Re-hosting upgrade activation file received from Andover Upgrade Services.
  3. The error Invalid Recipient information, process canceled! is displayed when entering the recipient id file (.id) in the RUS Key Utility. Softkey Invalid recipient error H2H.png


  4. The HaspRuntimeForContinuum.exe is the wrong version.


  1. Contact Andover Upgrade Services and provide them with a new host information file (.c2v) produced using the RUS Key Utility.
  2. On the host from which the license is to be transferred...
    1. HaspRuntimeforContinuum.exe is the most current version available on Exchange.
    2. Rus Key Utility is the latest version available on Exchange.
    3. Contact Product Support Services for assistance.
  3. On the host the license will be transferred to...
    1. The most current version of HaspRuntimeForContinuum.exe must to be installed prior to using the RUS Key Utility to generate the recipient fingerprint file (.id).
    2. The HaspRuntimeforContinuum must be installed As Administrator.
  4. On the host licensed host…
    1. HaspRuntimeforContinuum.exe is the most current version available on Schneider Electric Exchange.


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