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Can two card readers be wired to one card reader input?


Will there be any problems wiring two HID iClass RP40 readers to one reader channel? 


ACX57xx, AC-1


Need two readers on a vehicle entrance at different heights


Tested (2) HID RK40 (iClass with keypad). The RP40 uses less power but should be very similar.

Not recommended to power the two readers from the same reader input unless you are sure the reader input can handle the combined peak mA rating of the two readers.

ACX5720 - worked fine. The RK40s were powered with different reader channels and then just doubled up the 1-DATA, 0-CLK and LED1 terminals on the ACX with the DATA1, DATA0 and Green LED leads from the readers.

AC1 - worked fine. The AC-1 terminals are small so a single piece of wire was used off the DATA/1, CLK/0, and LED terminals of the AC-1 and landed on a terminal block with DATA1, DATA0 and Green LED leads from the readers. The RK40s were powered with an external power supply.


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