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Can Points and Lines on an ASC be displayed on an I/NET Graphic Page?


Can DDC lines in ASCs be displayed on I/NET Graphic Pages?


  • I/NET .gpg graphics
  • DDC Lines


DDC Lines are represented different from Resident I/O points.


Yes. The following Lines are the most common to view:

  • Line 1 = Active Cooling setpoint
  • Line 4 = Active Heating setpoint
  • Line 5 = Active setpoint (*see below)
  • Line 10 = Cool CFM setpoint (only on VAV-X2)
  • Line 12 = Airflow setpoint (only on VAV-AX and X1)
  • Line 14 = Mix Air (only on AHU w/ mixed air econ. control)
  • Line 15 = Warm CFM setpoint (only on VAV-X2)
  • Line 26 = Cool Air Flow (only on VAV-X2)
  • Line 27 = Hot Air Flow (only on VAV-X2)

* Line 5 should be the same as the value displayed on the STR-250, I/STAT, M/STAT. It will display either line 1 or line 4's value, whichever one is closer to the current space temp. If average is selected for SPD, then line 5 will show that averaged value even though the controller is operating on the actual heating or cooling setpoint.

For a complete listing of all ASC points and lines, click here.

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