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Camera cannot display properly or returns "not found" when using "Video Administrator" to assign points to it.


Although all the cameras connected to Pelco Endura SM5000 system manager can be found by the video server, when using "Video Administrator" to try to assign alarm points to cameras, sometimes cameras cannot display properly,  such as "1-"(SM5000 IP Address),  or return "not found' and get an error message such as "Camera or Video server maybe offline....".


  • Windows XP SP3
  • Cyberstation 1.92, Cyberstation 1.93
  • Pelco Endura SM5000 system manager


It is an Endura configuration problem. A camera should be added into a group. In and Endura system, there is a default group, if no additional group is created. Normally, cameras should be added into this default group. However, in some situation, some cameras will not be automatically added into that default group. In this situation, those cameras do not belong to any group; therefore, those cameras will not display properly in the camera's field drop down menu and cannot be selected.


  1. Create one or more groups in Endura system.
  2. Add the desired cameras into the groups created in step 1.
  3. Learn cameras again from the video server.
  4. Reopen the video administrator and add points to cameras.
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