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Automatic Database (DCU) SAV's occurring straight after starting I/NET.


Automatic Database SAV's occurring each time I/NET is started, this is causing I/NET to become slow to respond to other actions.

Why are Automatic Database (DCU) SAV's occurring during daytime operating hours? 


I/NET Seven 2.44 and above


This is a new feature added so that the Network Functions; DCU Time Synchronization,  Automatic Database Save and Special Day Broadcast no longer require I/NET application to be running, only the InetIoSrv is required to have these features activate.  Additionally each time the InetIoSrv.exe is started and after a nominal delay (approximately 60 seconds) these are also all activated.


At this time there is no mechanism to stop these initial features from activating each time the InetIoSrv.exe is started.  If you are starting the InetIoSrv on multiple or regular occasions it may be best to either disable these Network Functions (in particular the Automatic Database SAV) during this time or ensure that the SAV files are all current in the nominated SAV directory as defined in the active Configuration Profile.

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