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Associate AS BACnet Interface IO points with points on the IO bus in SmartStruxure 1.4 and above


How to associate BACnet IO points created under the BACnet Interface of the Automation Server with IO points on the Automation Server's IO bus.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • WorkStation
  • Automation Server - AS


Connect physical IO points to BACnet network controllers.


To associate BACnet IO points created under the BACnet Interface of the Automation Server to points in the IO Bus in SmartStruxure 1.4 and above...

The association is made via a read reference, so if we think of the two objects as one being the source and the other the destination you configure the association from the destination object  so in the case of an output you configure the association from the BACnet object (in this example BO1). In the case of an input you'd configure the association from the IO Bus input as that would be the destination object, in other words the recipient of the value.

(NOTE: for versions prior to 1.4 see Bacnet and StruxureWare Building Operation Central IO points

  1. Create the points. In this example we are associating an IO output point named 'Digital Output 1' with a BACnet Binary Output named BO1.
  2. From the properties page of the IO Bus point (Digital Output 1 in this example) click on gear icon to the right of the 'Requested value' field.
  3. In the 'Requested value' editor click the navigation icon (...) to the right of the 'Reference' field and navigate to the 'Associated Value' of the BACnet point.
  4. Save the configuration changes.

Now that the values have been associated setting the BACnet output value (BO1) will drive the IO Bus output (Digital Output 1)

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