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Adding Webstation to an Existing Network


After purchasing Webstation for a site, it still will not work even though the license is being read by LM Tools

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Vista 5
  • Webstation
  • Licensing
  • LM Tools


When adding Webstation to an existing network it important to know if this was a Vista 5 "Stand-Alone" license or a "Full" version. Stand-Alone Vista will not allow any connectivity via IP. The needed license feature that comes in the Full version is "Vista.Server.Network". This can be verified by opening the site license in a text editor such as Notepad.


Upgrade the site to a Full Vista license that contains the needed Vista.Server.Network feature. This will allow the Webstation to connect to Vista Server. A Demo license can be used in the interim until a Vista Upgrade License can be purchased, entitled and installed on the site. More information can be found in The Vista.Server.WebApps.Access license is missing.

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