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AC256 Micro Energy Power Supply voltage reading and the port connection.


Electrostatic Discharge Required: Always discharge static electricity from your person by touching metal prior to handling any hardware. Failure to do so may result in damage to devices.


How should the Micro Energy Power Supply voltage reading be checked?

Can the Micro Energy Power Supply provide power to IOU only without CIU connected?





Got the Micro Energy Power Supply repaired by 3rd party but the voltage reading seems to be incorrect.


The voltage of the Micro Energy Power Supply should be checked with the load connected to the PS.   For the port_A voltage check, have the CIU connected to the port_A of the PS.   For the port_B voltage check, have the IOU connected to the port_B of the PS.

Also the Micro Energy Power Supply can have either the port_A connected to CIU only or the port_B connected to IOU only or both ports connected to CIU and IOU respectively.

For detail information of the voltage reading of each pin, please refer to page 2-86 ~ 2-88 of the AC256 Service Manual.pdf

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