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communication CITECT SCADA M221 through OFS

is there a parameter or something else to set on CITECT SCADA (2016  or 2018) which allows to establish the communication between CITECT SCADA and M221 via OFS.  the IODeviceInfo stay OFFLINE, while the Device on OFS is ONLINE.

thanks to help 


Re: communication CITECT SCADA M221 through OFS


We would require more information about your configuration to give a detailed answer, however, the following should give you something to investigate: -

  1. It is recommended that both the Citect IOServer and OFS Server are running on the same PC, this removes any DCOM security issues.
  2. Using an OPC Client connect to the OFS server on the same PC that the Citect IO Server is running on and ensure you can read some Items (Items is the OPC name for variable tags).
  3. If you can read items using an OPC Client, then double check the communication setting in Citect and ensure you have the correct Alias name and variable names.
  4. The OFS Server while running has a diagnostic popup, watch this while starting Citect and you should see groups and items being added.

I have attached a white paper which may give you an insight into the communication method between Citect and OFS, it’s based on a M580 and NOT a M221. Therefore only read the information regarding Citect to OFS.




Re: communication CITECT SCADA M221 through OFS

Thanks, Robert


In fact I have no problem to communicate with M340 or M580 through OFS.

As you recommanded, Citect IOServer and OFS Server are running on the same PC.

In addition, the prject was developped by Vijeo Citect 2015, the communication between  Vijeo Citect and M221 via OFS was simple and easy. 

When I converted the project to CITECT SCADA, the communcation problem was appear. 

Then I tried these:

   1- Communication CITECT SCADA & M221 without OFS --> OK

    2- communication OFS Client M221 via OFS server --> OK , more, the device "M221" on OFS server was ONLINE & GOOD       

But no communication between CITECT SCADA and OFS Server (Tag values "BAD"),   I tried to verify the state of IODevice, using IODeviceInfo("M221",3) the value remained "16" , witch means The IODevice was OFFLINE.


If, you need more information, i'll try to  send you a screen printers next week.


Best regards





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Re: communication CITECT SCADA M221 through OFS

Hi Samir


Unfortunately, I don’t have a M221 and therefore unable to test, however there are still a few things we can try.


  1. There is a difference between how the OFS Client connects and how Citect connects to the OFS Server. Citect will create several groups, three are used for items subscriptions and two are used for status. Citect will also subscribe to all variable tags defined in its database. I would suggest that you change the existing M221 IODevice to Memory and create a new test IODevice that only has one variable tag defined and displayed on a page. With Citect stopped, Open the OPC Server Diagnostic window and clear all messages, start Citect. You should see Groups added and an Item added messages. I hope that these messages may give some indication to the underlying problem.
  2. Another test worth trying is to change the newly create IODevice from OFS to OPC. This will simplify how Citect connect to OFS and it force Citect to communicate as just a normal OPC Client.